Company /History

Over 50 years of experience in duty free distribution

In 1946, Overseas set its first steps as a ship chandler in the port of Antwerp. 35 years later the company changed course and became an important supplier of bonded stores to ship chandlers. Throughout the years, Overseas has established itself as a leading distributor in duty free travel retail.

Overseas’ milestones

1946 The Demaerel family supplies the vessels in the port of Antwerp.

1981 Redirection of the business in the supply of bonded stores to ship chandlers.

1985 The first supply contract at Brussels Airport is a fact.

1987 Creation of the Africa Domestic Department.

1992 Start of the Romanian production and distribution companies.

2006 Creation of the Overseas Travel Retail Department.

2009 Move into our new premises in Antwerp.

2010 The first distribution of duty free travel retail in Africa.

2013 With a new organisational structure we stand strong.

2016 Sales team triples in size the last 10 years.

2018 Expanding the warehouse to 14.000 m².

2019 New ERP & WMS implementation is a fact now.