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ODC has renewed its AEO certificate

ODC was granted a new AEO certificate type F after severe inspections by the customs authorities. A new inspection will only be held after 3 years.

AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) is a status that can only be granted to an economic operator if all criteria for control systems, financial solvability and/or safety are met.

There are 3 types of AEO certificates:
1. AEO certificate – D which stands for simplified customs procedure
2. AEO certificate – S which stands for safety procedure
3. AEO certificate – F which is a combination of the 2 certificates mentioned above.

The AEO certificate – F proves of ODC’s compliance of customs standards, impeccable commerce and transport administration, financial solvability and strict safety standards.

An AEO certified operator qualifies for several benefits within the EU and others countries. ODC is therefore considered a trustworthy and reliable partner for customs transactions and security.

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